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Become apart of a ministry and serve by contacting the Ministry Lead! It's the goal for every ministry to Love, Grow, SERVE and Go the church and it's community.

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Women’s Ministry

Engaging women to know Jesus, to seek His kingdom and be spiritually transformed and equipped for life.

Ministry Leader


Marriage Ministry

Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.  A good marriage must be created. Love conquers all.

Ministry Leaders

Bishop Henry & Lady Lesha James


Evangelism Ministry

Aims to spread the teachings of Christianity, inviting others to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. Activities include preaching, Grocery Giveaway, and organizing events to share the Gospel and bring people closer to God.

Rodney & Precious Hill

Ministry Leaders


Men's Ministry

Our goal is to become the man that God wants us to be. We do this by allowing his vision, mission, purposes, and goals to shape our lives.

Elder Terrence Graham

Ministry Leader

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